Innovative Viewing Systems’ The Portal Review

Innovative Viewing Systems' The Portal will allow you to see your fish up close.

Once in a while, I am really surprised by how good a new product is. Innovative Viewing Systems’ product called The Portal was one of those surprises.

Innovative Viewing Systems The Portal

Innovative Viewing Systems says that The Portal magnifies and allows you to explore your aquarium in a totally new way.

I put The Portal on the front pane of a 29-gallon planted aquarium where I am testing some other products.

The results astounded me. Everything in the aquarium behind The Portal became magnified in clear detail. When the subject is close to The Portal, it is twice its normal size. For example, I saw an adult glowlight tetra about an inch long swim past The Portal, and it looked like it was 2 inches long. Farther toward the back of the aquarium, magnification increases to more than four times. Besides being just plain fun, The Portal also is great for looking closely at something the aquarist wishes to examine. It’s much easier on a fish to catch it in a net and bring it up to The Portal to examine it, rather than put the fish under a magnifying glass out of water.

The Portal is one of the coolest new products to hit our hobby. It is terrific for kids — it will really get them involved in observing their fish. The Portal installs in seconds, and you can easily move it around the aquarium. Once you see this product, you’ll want to have it.

Innovative Viewing Systems
The Portal


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