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Injured Dog Shows Up At Indiana Hospital ER For Treatment

A doctor said that the dog came straight into the ER as if he knew he was coming to the right place.

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Capone gets some loving from staff at Community Hospital Anderson in Indiana. Via Community Hospital Anderson/Facebook
John Virata

When a dog gets injured, how would he or she know to walk into a hospital for help? Is it a sense that some people would help the dog when in need? That question might go answered, but for an injured dog in Indiana, and the hospital in which he sought help, the question is moot because he got the help he needed.

On the morning of May 26, a black Labrador Retriever named Capone, who had an injury to his leg, walked into the emergency room of Community Hospital Anderson in Anderson, Indiana, according to Fox 59.

“He literally walked straight up like he knew he was coming to the right place,” Dr. Thomas Short told the news station.

Capone walked into this hospital’s emergency room after he got hit by a car. Via Community Hospital Anderson

Capone walked into this hospital’s emergency room after he got hit by a car. Via Community Hospital Anderson

Short and Dr. Clay Ludlow, the emergency room doctors on staff at the time Capone walked in, examined him and when their shift ended, took him to an emergency vet. The vet said it looked like Capone got hit by a car, with injuries to his front left paw, a shoulder injury and a laceration above his eye, all on the left side. The most serious injury Capone sustained was to the brachial plexus (a network of nerves in the neck); the vet told Fox 59 it would heal in time.

While the dog was getting fixed up at the vet, the next item on the agenda at the hospital was to find Capone’s owner.

So Short, who doesn’t use social media, suggested that staff post a photo and story of the dog on the hospital’s Facebook page, which they did.

The post to the Community Hospital Anderson Facebook page eventually found its way to Capone’s owner, Nick Karagianis.

Karagianis told Fox 59 that he and Capone were walking between 1:30 a.m. and 2 a.m. (after Karagianis got out of work) when Capone got wrapped around a telephone pole. As Karagianis worked to free Capone from the pole, his collar came off and Capone took off running. Karagianis, unable to find Capone, eventually went home and fell asleep. The next morning, Karagianis said he spoke with a woman who was passing by if she had seen a black Labrador, and it was then that the woman showed Karagianis the Facebook post from the hospital.

Karagianis thanked the staff with a post to Facebook of his own.

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