Injured Cat Reunited With Owners, Thanks to Microchip

Thomas the cat will go home with his owners soon.

On June 18, a Good Samaritan brought an injured tabby cat to the Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital in Woburn. The cat’s injuries — head trauma and a fractured jaw — seemed to indicate that the cat had been hit by a car.

As part of a routine procedure, veterinary technicians scanned the cat with a hand-held scanner to check for microchip identification. The cat did indeed have a microchip, and the owners were immediately contacted. Thomas the cat’s owners came to the hospital right away to check on their pet and help tend to his care. Thomas is expected to recover well and soon will go home with his family.

Thomas’ case drives home the importance of having microchips implanted in cats and dogs, the veterinarians at Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital said. Even indoor cats can benefit, as they may slip out an opened door during warm weather months. At your cat’s next well-check exam, ask your veterinarian about the simple, painless procedure to insert a microchip.

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