Information About Cockatiels & Cats

Can there be peace in the household between a cockatiel and a cat. Find out if a cat and a cockatiel can get along in your house.


Cockatiels, in particular, are known for their flightiness. In the wild, a cockatiel’s long tail feathers aid in swift, agile flight. In the home, a cockatiel’s long tail feathers exude “firmly place paw here?for a cat in mid-pounce.
 “Even if the ?iel is in a protective cage, never leave cats and ?iels alone together,?said Susan Logan, editor of Cat Fancy magazine. Logan pointed out that cats are natural predators. “Even the most well-trained and friendly cat might have his hunting instinct triggered unexpectedly.?lt;/p>

Relaxing on the couch with your cockatiel on your hand and your cat at your feet can quickly turn bad if your cockatiel is startled and lands on the floor, bringing out your cat? chase instinct. Because of this uncertainty, cats and cockatiels generally don? make compatible housemates.

When considering adding to your pet family, keep in mind how a new addition will be perceived by a cockatiel. Never force a cockatiel to interact with a pet it appears to be afraid of, no matter how sincere the intent might be. Curious about how your cockatiel might matchup with other pets? Check out BirdChannel? opinion on cockatiels with dogsrabbits and fish.

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Excerpt from the Popular Birds Series magabook Cockatiels with permission from its publisher, BowTie magazines, a division of BowTie Inc. Purchase Cockatiels here.


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