Infographic: Westminster Dog Show Winners

Which breeds have won the Westminster Dog Show? Find out which popular dog breeds have never made the winners circle.

Have you ever wondered which Groups and breeds have won the most Best in Shows at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show? Well wonder no more! We’ve put together a helpful infographic of all Westminster Kennel Club Best in Show winners from 1907 to 2014.

The Wire Fox Terrier has won more Best in Shows than any other breed, and the Terrier Group has also historically dominated the show. Surprising, many of America’s most popular dog breeds have never won the Westminster Dog Show, including the ever popular Labrador and Golden Retriever. The German Shepherd has won only once and is the only representative of the Herding Group ever to win.

See the names of the winners, what year they won and which dogs are multiple Best in Show winners. Will history repeat itself in 2015 or will another breed that’s never won before be added to the list of champions? Please note that Best in Show was not awarded prior to 1907.

Infographic Westminster Winners


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