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Inebriated Hotel Guest Jumps in English Hotel Lobby Fish Tank in St, Helier Jersey

"Dangerous" Stunt posted to Youtube.

"Dangerous" Stunt posted to Youtube.

An apparently inebriated man jumped into a hotel lobby fish tank in St. Helier, Jersey on the southern coast of England and then swam and paddled around the 3,000 gallon (12,000 litres) aquarium for a few seconds before being ordered out by a security guard.

According to the British newspaper The Sun, the man, which the paper called a “Water Idiot” in its headline, was apparently a guest at the Raddison Blu Hotel when he decided to swim with the fishes. His friends captured it all on video and posted the asinine stunt on Youtube. The guard was verbally upset, telling the man to get the (blank!) out of the tank, while his friends continued laughing and shooting video of the entire prank. “It was a dangerous stunt for all involved – including the fish,” a spokewoman for the hotel said. All the fish were unharmed from the man’s stupidity.


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