Industrious Cat Builds His Own Igloo During Colorado Blizzard

If you ever get snowed in, Boots is the cat to call.

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Boots was busy during the blizzard, constructing his own snow shelter.

Earlier this week, Denver, Colorado, was walloped by a spring blizzard, which dumped more than 18 inches of snow on the city and forced the first weather-related closure of Denver International Airport since 2006.

But while the humans were either trying to brave the treacherous conditions or using them as an excuse to bite off huge chunks of their Netflix queues, a cat named Boots got to work.

When Boots discovered that one of his owner’s doorways was completely filled with snow, he started to dig, as seen in the YouTube video posted by 7News, where is owner is a photojournalist.

"Almost there." Via 7 News/YouTube

“You might want to step aside while I dig unless you want snow in your face.” Via 7 News/YouTube

And then he dug some more.

 Via 7 News/YouTube

“This piece has GOT to go.” Via 7 News/YouTube

And Boots kept digging until he’d cleared out his own cat-sized igloo in the snowbank. (Although one YouTube commenter pointed out that Boots actually crafted a quinzee, not an igloo). Whatever it is, don’t expect Boots to share it. You’ll just have to turn Netflix off and build your own.

"Did I invite you to join me in here?" Via 7 News/YouTube

“Did I invite you to join me in here?” Via 7 News/YouTube

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