Indoor Cat With Dirty Ears (Also Featuring Indoor/Outdoor Cat with Clean Ears — What Gives?)

Why would a cat out galavanting around have cleaner ears than a more straight-laced, indoor cat?


Why does my indoor cat have dirty ears while my indoor/outdoor cat has clean ears? –Kourtney Markham

Your indoor/outdoor cat might have better grooming habits than your indoor cat, but it could also mean that your indoor cat has ear mites while your other cat does not. You can take your dirty-eared cat to the vet to find out for sure. It’s an important next step because ear mites are quite contagious.

•    The dirtiness you’re observing could be the black or brown discharge that mites leave behind as they dine on a cat’s ear wax.
•    Other signs to look for when you suspect ear mites are hair loss, head shaking and ear scratching. Fortunately for both of your cats, ear mites are pretty easy to combat with cleaning and a course of medicated drops.
•    While ear mites are a likely culprit, they are not the only possibility; bacterial infections can cause similar symptoms. That’s why a vet visit is important.

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