Indiana Man Installs Massive 6700 Gallon Fish Tank In His Barn

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African cichlids. Via Oakley Originls/Flickr
John Virata

When I was a kid, I dreamed about having a 100 gallon fish tank. I thought I could put some fish that I caught at Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley, California. Apparently I didn’t dream big enough. Mike Wathen also had a dream as a kid to install a large fish tank, and last year, the Posey County, Indiana native did just that in his barn.

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But it wasn’t just a large tank that you buy at your local fish store; it is a 7600 gallon freshwater tank with 18-20 fish and six tons of rock. His tank also houses a large snapping turtle. Wathen told Eyewitness News Evansville that since he installed the tank last year on his farm, more than 4,000 people have checked it out, including civic groups, boy scout groups, kids groups, elderly folks.

“I’d rather watch that than prime time television,” Wathen said. Wathen’s tank is a behemoth of a tank at 7600 gallons, and as such, his fish are of the monster variety as well, including what looks like gars and muskies, large catfish, and even some bass, fish that know better than to get close to the snapping turtle. Wathen says he will switch the fish out next year, but didn’t say what he was going to put in place of what is in his tank right now.

 John B. Virata has been keeping fish since he was 10 years old.  He currently keeps an 80 gallon cichlid tank, a 20 gallon freshwater community tank and a 29 gallon BioCube with a Percula clown, a huge blue green chromis, and a firefish all in his kitchen, and a 55 gallon FOWLR tank with a pair of Ocellaris clowns, two blue green chromis, a six line wrasse, a peppermint shrimp, assorted algae and a few aiptasia anemones in his living room. Follow him on Twitter @johnvirata 

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