Indiana Floods Inundate Shelter With Dogs, Cats

Volunteers and rescue teams traveled by boat to reach animals in flooded areas.

The recent rain and floods that pounded the Midwest forced families to flee their homes, and left pets stranded. Animal control officers and volunteers traveled by boat to reach flooded areas of Indiana and rescue more than 75 cats and dogs, according to the Morgan County Humane Society in Martinsville, Ind.

Many people lost their houses, and others will not be able to move back into their homes for several weeks or months, said Angie Loudermilk, executive director for the Morgan County shelter.

“They risked their lives to save animals from drowning,” Loudermilk said of her rescue team. “We were able to sandbag enough to save our building. Others in our community have not been as blessed as we are.”

The shelter, however, has been inundated with homeless pets. To make room for these cats and dogs without resorting to euthanasia, an emergency transport was arranged by PetSmart Charities Rescue Waggin.

The truck arrived at the shelter the day after the flood to pick up 27 dogs who were already at the shelter and available for adoption, Loudermilk said. This freed up valuable kennel space for pets whose families suddenly were left homeless from the floods.

The dogs were transferred to the Wisconsin Humane Society in Milwaukee. Twenty-two additional dogs who were surrendered by their owners are scheduled to be picked up and transported Friday, she said.

“At this time, there have only been about five dogs reclaimed by their owners,” she said. “Many owners are visiting with their pets every day and their pets really enjoy the time they get to see their owners. It really brightens their day and I think it is helping them with the stress they are feeling.”

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