Amazing Alert Dog Detects 4-Year-Old’s Blood Sugar Drop From 5 Miles Away

Sadie, who has diabetes and Down syndrome, relies on Hero to keep her safe.

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Sadie and Hero are more than just best friends. Via Sadie's Hero/Facebook

Sadie, a 4-year old with diabetes and Down syndrome, relies on a dog named Hero to alert her mother when her blood sugar levels are too low or too high. Hero, a Labrador Retriever, lives up to his name on a daily basis, but last December, he illustrated why he might just be a four-legged superhero.

Sadie was in class at Deerfield Elementary School in Cedar Hills, Utah, and Hero was at the family home, five miles away, KUTV reports. The dog started to get very anxious, alerting Sadie’s mother, Michelle Brooks, that her blood sugar level was dropping. Michelle told the local news station that Hero wouldn’t stop whining and trying to get her attention so she called the school, even though Hero was literally miles away from Sadie.

Hero would prefer to be close to Sadie, but he has alerted even when they are miles apart. Via Sadie's Hero/Facebook

Hero would prefer to be close to Sadie, but he has alerted even when they are miles apart. Via Sadie’s Hero/Facebook

Sadie’s teacher checked her levels and, although they were initially OK, within half an hour, they had dropped to a potentially dangerous low.

“I’ll be honest, it kinda blew my mind,” Deerfield Elementary principal Caroline Knadler told KUTV. “We’re here and the dog is way over in Pleasant Grove.”

How did Hero know that Sadie’s levels had fallen? No one really knows. Hero’s trainer, KC Owen, told the news station that alert dogs can pick up a smell from one to two miles away. But Sadie was twice that far away from Hero and, somehow, he still knew.

“How do dogs know when their owners are coming home?” Owens wondered. “There’s another piece of it, that I call, ‘God only knows.'”

Sadie’s dog is a Hero, indeed.

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