In Our House, Fudge Rules

The cat has definite opinions about what should go where.

Funny, I always thought I was the chief interior decorator in our home. But as it turns out, I have no say at all; Fudge has the last word.

This became abundantly clear this last weekend when I opened up a new litter mat that my friend Dan Peacock had designed and sent for an opinion.

As I spread it on the floor, Fudge, who had been fast sleep on the couch, suddenly stood up, stretched and flew onto the mat and started scratching at it. Then she started rolling around on her back and making herself quite at home.

When she’d finished, I picked it up and placed it under the litterbox to test.

She was most put out and looked at me as if to say “How am I supposed to have fun now that you’ve placed that huge litterbox in the middle of it?”

And, to make her point, she started flying around the house at great speed, stopping every now and then to look at the mat in the hope that I had removed the litterbox to that she could reclaim it.

She got so wild that eventually I gave up and caved in, picking up the mat and putting it down in another part of the house. She immediately rushed over and sat down in the middle to stake her claim.

It looks like it has the possibilities of being a great litter mat and will trap errant litter from being spread all over the house. But someone else is going to have to let me know. Fudge isn’t buying that idea.

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