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Editor's Note, Dogs in Review March 2011

Dogs in Review


Welcome to our annual issue devoted to Westminster and the many activities that occupy this most important week of the year for all of us in the sport. This year the show took on even more significance as history was made with the crowning of a Scottish Deerhound for the first time. ‘Hickory’ was selected Best in Show by judge Paolo Dondina of Monterchi, Italy.

Handling the powerful, elegant sighthound with equal grace was one of our younger professionals, Angela Lloyd, who has come up through the ranks and is a genuine credit to the fancy. All in all, it was a magical finale to an always special show.

It was a memorable week for another much-loved member of our dog show family with the book launch of Karen LeFrak’s newest project, Best in Show. This is an absolutely charming book written by Karen about a little girl who falls in love with a white Standard Poodle and takes her to the top, thanks to the support of mentors like Aunt Nancy and dog trainer Wendell.

A case of art imitating life with utmost style. Andrew Day provides the delightful illustrations and you’ll want to buy at least two: copies for the children and grandchildren in your life, and one to stay on your own bookshelf. Karen was busy signing books over both days of the show and is donating her proceeds to the AKC Canine Health Foundation and Take the Lead. Find out more at Karen’s website,

Speaking of publishing, Dogs in Review and BowTie Press had a winning day at the Alliance of Purebred Dog Writers Awards luncheon, held at Sardi’s on the Sunday before Westminster. Pictured are Jeffrey Pepper, author of The Golden Retriever, chosen Best Breed Book; Allan Reznik, Best Editorial, Dogs in Review; and Amy Fernandez, Best Article 1,500-3,000 words, “The Baker Institute,” in Dogs in Review. Absent was Rick Beauchamp who won Best Column for “National Specialties,” Dogs in Review.

Allan Reznik, Editor-in-Chief

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