iMac Aquarium: Nano Tank For The Ultimate Tech/Fish Lover

Mac lover upcycles iMac G3s into $299 iMacAquariums.

iMacAquarium. Photo by Jake Harms

Folks have been building aquariums out of old Macintosh computers since the Mac SE was out of fashion. But did you know that the iMac G3 makes a great aquarium as well? And one Apple lover has started a business gutting old iMac computers and turning them into fully functioning nano-sized aquariums. Jake Harms offers iMac aquariums via his website that he builds himself along with a kit if you have your own iMac sitting around.

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He up cycles the iMac by installing a custom fabricated 3.5 gallon acrylic aquarium into the inside of a gutted iMac, adds a Whisper 3i aquarium filter that he chose due to the ubiquity of the cartridges, and adds a rope light system that serves the dual purpose of lighting the aquarium as well as heating the water to a comfortable 72-78 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Apple logo that sits atop the iMac G3? That logo is where you feed your small tropical fish. The top of the case is easily removable when you need to clean out the tank, or perform water changes.

iMacAquarium kit

iMacAquarium kit is $189. Photo by Jake Harms

Harms sells the entire iMacAquarium for $299 and a Do it Yourself kit for $189 that includes all the hardware as well as an instructional video on how to go about converting your iMac G3 into an iMacAquarium.
So what can you put inside your new iMacAquarium? A dozen neon tetras? How about a pair of corydoras catfish and a couple of guppies? A single betta? You have a lot of possibilities, as long as you realize that the tank is just 3.5 gallons, less when you add gravel and a few plants. For more information, visit

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