This Illustration Of A Dog’s Life Will Bring You To Tears

Artist Kelly Angel created an incredibly moving illustration of a dog's life. Get ready to cry.

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The story of basically every dog who's ever lived. Via Kelly Angel/Taptastic
Chrissa Hardy

Dogs change our lives. They introduce us to new experiences and emotions, and even though they leave this world long before we do, they make us better human beings in the process.

This shared truth has never been stated as beautifully as it has by artist Kelly Angel in her illustration of a dog’s life entitled, “Good Boy.”

Via Kelly/Taptastic

Oh, the FEELS. Via Kelly Angel/Taptastic

The England-based artist posted her comic on Taptastic and her site Anything Comic, which showcases her impressive body of work thus far.

“Good Boy” will break you into a million little pieces, because it’s sweet, it’s funny, it’s uplifting and it’s oh-so heartbreaking — which is kind of how it is caring for a dog, isn’t it? It even made Angel, whose dog passed away in July, emotional.

“He was wonderful and I still miss him,” she wrote on her site. “It took a while before I stopped expecting to see him when I walked down the stairs, or hear his tail thumping when he heard me coming.”

Here is the comic in its full, gut-wrenching glory. Warning: Get those tissues ready.

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