Illinois Pug Is the New Face of Alpo

The winning contest video shows an excited Ike anticipating his meal.

Ike, a 4-year-old Pug from Barrington Hills, Ill., is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame as the grand-prize winner of the Alpo Real Meat Moments video contest. Ike will serve as the new face of the iconic dog food brand, appearing on millions of cans of Alpo and in the company’s national print advertising.

Joy Behar, co-host of “The View” and one of the contest’s judges, crowned Ike the biggest “Meat Maniac” in the country based on his winning video, which shows the 18-pound dog dancing around the kitchen in anticipation of his meal.

“As the owner of two dogs who go bonkers at mealtime, I know a meat maniac when I see one,” said Behar in a statement. “I am delighted to award Ike with this honor. His frenzied feeding moment made me laugh out loud and any dog who does a headstand in his bowl because he is so excited for his meaty meal deserves to be named the new face of Alpo.”

Mary Beth Holsteen, Ike’s owner, is “still in shock,” she says. “Ever since Ike was a puppy, he has been entertaining us with his dizzying dinnertime antics. Mealtime is truly the highlight of Ike’s day!”

In addition to appearing on Alpo packaging and in its advertising, Ike will receive a hometown celebration, a trip to Hollywood with his human family, and $10,000.

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