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Bulldog Gets An Incredible Surprise When His Family Leaves For Vacation

Igor the Bulldog had never been separated from his family, but when they leave for an extended vacation, his owner made him something wonderful.

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Being separated from loved ones for any period of time can be tough to handle, particularly for dogs.

In a YouTube video uploaded last year (but is still making the Internet rounds) by user Jordan Malerverktøy, we learn the story of Igor the Bulldog. At the time the video was shot, Igor had never spent time away from his human family since becoming a member. But with an upcoming family trip to Thailand, he’d have to stay at a local kennel.

Because those kennel cages can sometimes seem so cold and sad, Igor’s owner decided to make his pooch’s stay more comfortable. To that end, he actually creates a replica of the family’s living room inside the kennel so Igor would instantly feel right at home.

Best. Gift. EVER. Via YouTube

Best. Gift. EVER. Via YouTube

The video shows the before and after, which is quite impressive. We also see how Igor became best buds with a St. Bernard who was staying at the kennel, too, and would stop by his living room every day to hang out (because yeah, Igor’s pad was pretty dope).

Igor is one lucky dog. Via YouTube

Igor is one lucky dog. Via YouTube

It’s safe to say that both the family and Igor had fun during that vacation, despite not being together.

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