If You Were Looking For The Cutest Husky Puppies Ever, They’re All Right Here

Erica Tcogoeva's Instagram account is all adorable Husky pups, all the time.

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The definition of #squadgoals. Via Ericka Tcogoeva/Instagram

Have you ever been totally obsessed with something, the kind of obsession where you couldn’t think about anything else, where you wanted to learn everything about it and you covered your walls from carpet to ceiling in posters because you didn’t ever want to forget what Donnie Wahlberg looked like? OK, yeah, my thing was New Kids on the Block (I was ten. It wasn’t, like, last year), but Erica Tcogoeva’s thing is Siberian Huskies.

Specifically, the St. Petersburg, Russia-based artist and illustrator is way into Husky puppies, and instead of plastering her bedroom walls with pictures of the adorable dogs, she’s covered her Instagram account with them. And that works out well for us, since it allows us to share in her obsession which, I have to admit, is way cuter than Donnie ever was. Here are a few of the cutest pups that she’s captured on camera.

Oh, did we mention that the puppies are in pajamas? Because they’re in pajamas.

“What do I think about your fedora? This is what I think about your fedora.”

“Tell me it’s a treat, tell me it’s a treat, tell me…”

#husky #хаски #Лютик

A photo posted by Erica Tcogoeva (@erikaeasy) on

We eased you into the Cute so you were ready for this level of Cute.

#хаски #husky #capsmartpants

A photo posted by Erica Tcogoeva (@erikaeasy) on

And we didn’t want you to pull a muscle when you saw this much Cute.

#хаски #husky #olgivanshow

A photo posted by Erica Tcogoeva (@erikaeasy) on

You would never sleep again, because you’d be too busy watching this little one sleep.

Все, я тоже пошла 😀 #husky #хаски #olgivanshow

A photo posted by Erica Tcogoeva (@erikaeasy) on


“Hello, I don’t think we’ve been introduced. I’m Delightful.”

“Haters gonna hate.”

“Mrmmmffffff! Mrrrfmmmfffff!”

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