If You Start Playing Neko Atsume It’ll Be Very Hard For You To Stop

This Japanese cat game is highly addictive.

Play and try to stop.

Chances are you check in on your cats often. It is practically guaranteed that if you put Neko Atsume, the Japanese Cat Game, on your smartphone that you’ll be checking in on your digital cats a whole lot too – maybe even more so.

Neko Atsume, Japanese for Cat Collection, is exactly as its name implies. You spend hours on your phone collecting cats. You put out digital cat food for digital stray cats who eat it and leave you little fish presents, which you can then use to buy more food and other cat things to entice more cats. Gold fish are worth more than silver fish, and allows you to purchase fancier items that bring about fancier cats. The more you play the more cats you get and the more your cat world expands.

Did we mention you can also name these cats and take pictures of them? How could a cat lover not love this game? To get the game, download it on your iPhone or Android.

Do you already have the game? Share your Neko Atsume experience with us in the comments.

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