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My flock is pretty considerate most mornings. They wait until they hear my feet hit the hardwood floor after rolling out of bed before all the squawking starts. Of course, they only give me until 7:30 AM to get up on my own. After that, the polite chirps soon to shrieks, basically saying, “Get up already!” Lately, there’s been an interloper to the morning wakeup calls. A neighbor (haven’t zeroed in on the exact house yet) appears to have a cockatiel. I’m pretty sure this cockatiel is kept outdoors. For the last mornings, morning has gone a little something like this: conure Ollie does his little “Wiki, wiki, wiki,” which I take to mean,” Wakey, wakey, wakey.” My cockatiel Gracie than starts with his typical ‘tiel contact calls (is it me or do cockatiels always sound lost?), and then our ‘tiel interloper immediately answers Gracie back. This gets Gracie excited, so he repeats his calls, and the two ‘tiels contact call each other for the next 10 minutes or so. This mystery ‘tiel wants to find his flock so badly, or so it seems. I hope he’s brought inside and interacted with at some point during the day. I am still on the lookout for his exact location … no doubt I’ll get another try tomorrow morning.

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