I Love Old, Naked Ferrets!

A ferret owner reveals what could be the best-kept secret about ferrets – older ferrets are terrific!

Spud the ferret

© Courtesy of Robin Jones 

Spud was a sweet-natured ferret who got his name because he looked like a potato.

I love old, naked ferrets! I love their soft warm skin. I love their little arthritic toes that wrap around your finger like bird toes on a phone line. I love the little squeaky noises they make. And I love the way they smell. I just love them, and I don’t understand why some people don’t. What’s not to love?

Our shelters are full of these little guys that are treated like throwaways. People are missing the boat. Every little old ferret I have taken in has been a bright spot in my life, and has warmed my heart at every turn.

My first older ferret was Phoenix AKA Missy P. She came in so sick with insulinoma. It took two days to get her meds right and get her settled. Eventually, she got adrenal disease and lost all her beautiful hair. She was a sassy little thing. If another ferret got in her way, she would stop and chatter away at them. When she got really feeble, one of her cage mates Petey TPO would assist her up the ramps in the cage. It was very sweet.

Then there was Spud, named because he looked like a little tater. He wasn’t with us for long, but he was very sweet.

Noel the ferret

© Courtesy of Robin Jones 

Noel the ferret looked like a lion because of the pattern of her hair loss, but treatment helped it all grow back.

Next came Noel. She looked like a little lion with lots of hair about her head and shoulders, but the rest of her was naked as can be. By now Melatonin implants were available, and after her second implant she bloomed. She grew tons of long white hair. She looked like a dandelion. I missed her warm naked skin. Noel was my snuggler. She was happiest sitting in my lap.

My last one was Petunia. Not only was she partially bald, but she was my own personal home spa. The minute I picked her up she bolted to my ear and started licking. And licking and licking and licking. She was a one girl roto rooter. When one ear was done she moved to the other. Then my neck, face and then down my shirt. All the while I could her loudly licking. She was a funny little girl, and everyone loved her.

All these ferrets have since passed to the Rainbow Bridge. Each time I think of one of them, I smile. I remember those warm, hairless bodies and all the love they had to give. It hurts my heart to think someone didn’t think they were worthy because they had no hair and were old. I think I have been very lucky to be to have found these sweet little beings. I think I will keep the wonder of them my own little secret.

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