I Love Antique Parrot Brooches

OK, for you antique people and brooch people out there. Here’s a photo for you. Went to another antique store and took a look at the broaches or pins. I have about seven of them myself and use them to jazz up an otherwise boring outfit. Whether parrots are real or fake and encrusted with fake jewels, everyone loves to look at them.

Here are two I spotted, sittin’ pretty next to this crazy cat pin. Now that is loud. Anyway, I don’t have brooches like either of these. I like the lilac-colored macaw though. I wonder what species it could be? My favorite thing is that they are never close to being color accurate even though birds are stunning as their color-accurate selves.

And one more thing, who came up with the word broach? Since I am an editor and it is my duty to research, give me a second here and I will answer my own questions. Hmm, it comes from the 12th century English word “broche,” which comes from the Latin “brocca” that translates to “spike.” (Thanks to the website, “All Info About Jewelry Making.”)

I typically pronounce this word as broach, instead of brooch, which apparently is perfectly acceptable. I am originally from Pennsylvania, and Californians mock my pronunciation of many words. So let me check with the other editors here to see how Californians pronounce it.

I’m back. They all say broach.

Well, brooch or broach — I like the parrot ones.

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