I Hate Visitors

If there is one thing I can’t stand, it is showing my office – aka the bird room – to visitors. First of all, it is never clean enough. Second of all, it is never clean enough. I could slave away the day before, and the bird area is a mess by the time someone comes to my house. Or, I can wait until the last minutes and frantically try to clean it down an hour before someone comes over, and it is still messy by the time they get there. It is too hard to explain to a non-bird person that mess is just part of living with birds. I have wooden floors, so I put a covering down all over that part of the floor. Not only do I have to vacuum up the debris, then clean up the poop, but I then have to wash it all down. Meanwhile, the birds are fascinated, looking down at me, perhaps munching some food as they watch the entertainment and just drop it right down on the floor.

There is also bird-owners blindness. This is when bird people are so used to the mess the birds make that they stop really noticing it. So I know that sometimes mess that I find acceptable might be offensive to any screaming clean visitor. This “blindness” also happens with parents of young children. You go to their house and shudder at the disorganized chaos they spent an hour frantically cleaning up before you came. My birds don’t really love visitors anyway. Visitors are never polite enough to stand back and greet the birds calmly. They always want the bird to perch on their hand, whether the bird is interested or not. I always have to have the same conversation, “Stay away from the birds at first, they need to get used to you.” Nowadays I just try to bypass that room altogether, which hasn’t quite worked – the lure of pretty feathers and all. I have a feeling pretty soon I’ll just be rudely saying, “Don’t go in there, it is off limits.” This way I don’t have to stress out over every tiny sliver of food or poop that rains down every moment, and I can just enjoy my birds and enjoy my visitors.

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