I Got You, Kittens, Says Cher

Cher gets cats and turns to Instagram and Twitter for name advice.

Cher may be a living legend, but even icons can’t resist the call of the kitten. Evidence? If you follow Cher on Twitter @cher or her BFF Paulette Howell on Instagram @pauletteakapauly you may have noticed that both feeds have been taken over by two kittens for the past couple of months. The reason? They’re Cher’s latest family addition, and she’s 100% head-over-heels over them.

Adopted by the “I Got You Babe” songstress only 8 weeks ago, the Highland kittens went for more than a month with no names before the superstar finally settled on Mala and Zen. Though they may look identical, the kittens are identifiable based upon their markings – Mala is marbled, Zen is bobcat colored.

Described as “sweet” by Cher on Twitter, the two mischievous moggies (both males with the trademark folded ears and big feet) are known for getting up to no good – slipping behind the dishwasher just last week, and roughhousing with each other on the daily. Take a peek at some of their ultra-adorable snapshots and vids below!

A Little Play Fighting Never Hurt Anyone

(You can hear Cher say, “Zen can actually kick his ass and sometimes does, and I have to step in” in the background)

Playtime with Mala n Zen while we work on Christmas swag!

A video posted by Paulette Howell (@pauletteakapauly) on

Their First Picture in Their New Home

The boysssss #nonamesyet

A photo posted by Paulette Howell (@pauletteakapauly) on

Getting So Big!

They’re just too cute- can’t stop sharing pics of @Cher’s kitties …..sorry not sorry

A photo posted by Paulette Howell (@pauletteakapauly) on

So Happy Together…

That Face Though

Lil guy…

A photo posted by Paulette Howell (@pauletteakapauly) on

Clearly Cher found someone in these two cuties – we doubt you’ve seen the last of them.

What do you think of Cher’s furry brood? We’re loving their big paws!

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