I Choose You, Tori-bird!

It was a night like any other night at my apartment. My roommate LisaMichelle was cooking dinner while I lounging around, reading over magazines to get ideas for BIRD TALK. It’s our evening routine: one of us cooks (the other does dishes), we eat together and watch TV or a DVD.

But on this night, we had three new DVD choices to choose from: “Sweeny Todd,” “Beowulf” or the first season of “The Tudors.” All great choices but as we only had a night to watch one and we didn’t have a dice or three-sided coin to help us, we decided to leave it up to the pets.

First up was Walter, an 8-year-old cat that belongs to my roommate. We sat him down before the DVDs’ and encouraged him to choose. We patted the DVDs and called his name but he only stared at us. Again, we called him to come pick our DVDs and we got excited when he came forward. But it was only to bump his head against LisaMichelle’s chin and he sat down on all three DVDs to be petted.

With no luck from the cat and no DVD choice for us, I came up with an ingenious thought! I’ll have Tori, my lovebird, pick for us!

Tori is quite possessive of her cage, as a female lovebird can be. She always has been since I’ve adopted her, so I braved her sharp beak and got her to Step up on my hand. Once out of sight of her cage, she’s a completely different bird and after giving me a strange look when set on the table, I encouragingly coaxed her: “Pick a DVD, Tori!”

Now, while Walter went in for a petting, I was hoping Tori would automatically go for the higher area to perch, a.k.a one of the DVDs. So while I eagerly waited for her to move, she gave me a look that I swear said “Are you kidding me?”

Perhaps I insulted her intelligence. Maybe she was like Walter, who wanted to be petted (or in this case, rewarded) before the choice was made. Or maybe she was thinking “You took me away from my cage for this?”

But, she made her choice (“The Tudors”) and her reward was to go back to her cage where she could viciously defend it from possible invading fingers. As I left, she gave me a contact chirp and quite nicely, I replied “Thank you.”

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