I? Calling His Bluff

I swear, sometimes my cockatiel Gracie likes to play mind games with nanday conure Ollie and me. This morning I brought the flock into the bathroom with me, which is bar none their favorite part of our morning routine. Ollie goes in the shower with me; Gracie hates the shower so he perches on top of the medicine cabinet mirror, bending down to see his upside-down reflection. Everything is going as usual, but then Gracie starts shrieking, seemingly for no reason. This sends Ollie into panic mode, and he won’t let me put him down on the shower caddie, which makes it a challenge to rinse the shampoo out of my hair.

I stick my head out of the shower, one eye closed due to shampoo streaming into it, and ask Gracie, “What’s going on? There’s nothing scary in here.” Gracie looks down at me and then flies and lands on the thin ledge above the bathroom door, again shrieking. Ollie shrieks back. I withhold my strong inclination to shriek at both of them, “Quiet!”  This is definitely not the relaxing shower I had in mind. Ollie seems convinced that Gracie is onto something; he won’t let me perch him on the shower caddie. The shampoo is burning my eyes. I finally convince Ollie to step off of me so I can rinse off.

I quickly turn off the shower and towel off. I go to “rescue” Gracie, but he wants none of that. In fact, he doesn’t want to leave the bathroom. He flutters past my proffered hand and lands back on his favorite spot on the medicine cabinet and starts to whistle at his reflection. Ollie just wants to get the heck out of there and back to his cage. By now I’m thinking Gracie just wanted the bathroom all to himself!

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