Husky Asks Owner For Waffles Because She Really, Really Loves Waffles

Mishka the Husky loves waffles so much that she actually asks for them.

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This little lady wants waffles, STAT! Via gardea23/Rumble Video

This is Mishka.

Mishka loves waffles. And when Mishka wants something (waffles), she has no problem asking for it.

In a video uploaded to Rumble Video by gardea23, Mishka and her owner have a conversation about waffles.

Via gardea23/Rumble Video

“I want waffles.” Via gardea23/Rumble Video

And Mishka makes it clear that nothing would make her happier than a plate packed with waffles.

Via gardea23/Rumble Video

“Give me waffles.” Via gardea23/Rumble Video

Her uniquely wonderful Husky howl even sounds like a human demanding waffles.

Via gardea23/Rumble Video

“SOMEBODY, please just give me waffles!” Via gardea23/Rumble Video

And I mean, how can you possibly say no to that face?

Give this girl some waffles already!

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