Husky Throws Tub Tantrum When He Doesn’t Get A Bath

Zeus the Husky loves his tub time, and throws a fit when his owner tells him it's time for a walk.

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This pup plans to bellow until he gets the bath he desires. Via LindsayFleishman/Rumble Video
Chrissa Hardy

We generally don’t spend enough time asking for (or demanding) what we want. And we should. Life is just too short to settle for anything less, right?

Well, a Husky named Zeus isn’t afraid to speak up, and maybe we should follow his lead. In a video uploaded to Rumble Video by Lindsay Fleishman, Zeus lies in a bathtub and whines at the top of his lungs when his owner won’t give him a bath.

 Via LindsayFleishman/Rumble Video

Everyone deserves a little extra bath time. Via LindsayFleishman/Rumble Video

Apparently, Zeus loves the water, and his bathtub time, and clearly can’t get enough of it.

 Via LindsayFleishman/Rumble Video

We feel your pain, Zeus. Via LindsayFleishman/Rumble Video

When his owner tells him that there will be no bath, and it’s time to go for a walk inside, he gets all kinds of sassy and bellows as he begrudgingly gets out of the tub.

Poor Zeus. Maybe he’ll get dirty enough on his walk that his owner will have no choice.

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