Husky Sleeps Against The Bars In His Crate Like It’s Totally Normal

Sure, he sleeps like a weirdo, but he’s cute, so who cares.

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This can't be comfortable. Via CuteVN/Facebook
Cari Jorgensen

Everyone has a favorite sleeping position. Maybe you like your left side best. Or maybe your right side. Perhaps you like sleeping on your back or your stomach. Chances are you won’t find yourself in too many strange sleeping positions (and if you do, someone you know has put them on social media). But when it comes to dogs, they can sleep just about anywhere on anything in any position.

Just ask this Husky.

This little guy is seen sleeping in his crate in a video posted to Facebook by CuteVN. He’s right up against the bars of the crate, his front legs and snout sticking out from between them.

How does he sleep like that? Via CuteVN/Facebook

How does he sleep like that? Via CuteVN/Facebook

His tongue is hanging out of his mouth and his owner (we presume) plays with it, though we’re still not quite sure why.

Proof he's really asleep. Via CuteVN/Facebook

Proof he’s really asleep. Via CuteVN/Facebook

The dog momentarily wakes up at the touch of his tongue, briefly readjusts and promptly goes right back to sleeping between the bars.

Weird? Yes. But since he’s acting like it’s totally normal, it’s OK.

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