Siberian Husky Mom Teaches Puppies How To Play

This Husky mama shows her puppies how to get as silly as possible during playtime.

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"Kids, listen up. THIS is how you play."
Chrissa Hardy

When you want to learn how to do something, just watch Mom.

That’s what a bunch of Siberian Husky puppies did in a video uploaded to YouTube by Марія Олегівна. They needed a lesson in how to take playtime to the next level of awesome, and Mama Husky delivered.

Via Марія Олегівна/YouTube

“Kiddos, not bad. But if you want to get better, watch this..” Via Марія Олегівна/YouTube

She lets them romp around on the floor for a bit before showing them how to whip around on the furniture at top speed.

Via Марія Олегівна/YouTube

“Moooommm, wait up!” Via Марія Олегівна/YouTube

And then she lays down a lesson in the Chase Game by running out of the room, running back in, and doing a rapid spin on the couch.

Via Марія Олегівна/YouTube

“Better, little ones! Now, faster!” Via Марія Олегівна/YouTube

We think they’re getting the hang of it now.

See? Mama always knows best.

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