Lazy Husky Says Loud And Clear He Doesn’t Want To Go For A Walk

Zeus the Husky would rather just lounge on the couch than get up and go out.

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This Husky has absolutely zero desire to go out for a walk, and he let’s his mom know. Via LindsayFleishman/Rumble
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While most dogs just can’t wait to go outside for a walk, some would rather just lounge around doing nothing. Take Zeus the Husky for example. Zeus has no desire to walk outside, and let’s his owner know in so many words that no, “I don’t want to go for a walk.”

Lindsay Fleishman posted a video to Rumble that shows the dog’s disdain for going on a walk with his brother, even though his brother is up, pacing around and ready to rock the lead. Zeus, however, would rather argue with his mom than go outside.

The conversation probably went something like this:

Mom: Zeus you want to go for a walk?
Zeus: Not right now, Mom. I’m just too tired.
Mom: Got to get off the couch.
Zeus: No, Mom. I didn’t get hardly any sleep last night.
Mom: Come on.
Zeus: Just give me a few more minutes of sleep, Mom.
Mom: Come on. The hardest steps are the ones off the couch. Come on.
Zeus: Mom, let me rest.
Mom: You want to go for a walk or not?
Zeus: I told you, Mom, please let me rest.
Mom: Come on you can’t stay on the couch all day.
Zeus: But Mom, Dad was on the couch all day yesterday watching football.
Mom: Come on, get off the couch.
Zeus: I am too tired.
Mom: Come on let’s go. You want to go for a walk?
Zeus: I would rather just sit on the couch all day like Dad.
Mom: Come on you are inside all day let’s go.
Zeus: I am fine on this couch Mom, really.
Mom: Come on. Stop talking back, let’s go.
Zeus: I am not talking back, Mom. Dad was on the couch all day yesterday, I don’t really want to go outside today.

The video ends with Zeus still lying on the couch, after, of course, he got the last word in.

Come on Zeus, let’s go! It’s the only time we get to go outside! Via

“Come on Zeus, let’s go! It’s the only time we get to go outside!” Via LindsayFleishman/Rumble

Life is definitely too good for Zeus the Husky to get off the couch and go for a walk.

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