Cranky Husky Argues With Owner About Bath Time

This dog has zero interest in bath time. No matter how much his mom tries to convince him to hop in the shower, he verbally refuses.

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"I WILL NOT get clean."
Chrissa Hardy

Bath time can be a tough sell. Well, any adult will be all in on the idea, but babies, not so much. And by babies, we’re including grumpy dogs.

In a video uploaded to YouTube last week by Suzanne Sarlls-Hartwell, Monk the Husky is not happy that bath time has come once again and voices his cleanliness protest verbally, through classic dramatic Husky bellows. For such tough winter snow dogs, they have certainly mastered the art of whining.

At first Monk just tries to walk away upon hearing it time for a shower. But Ruh-roh! The door to the bathroom is closed, so he’s trapped.

I don't wanna. I don't wanna. Via YouTube

“I don’t wanna. I don’t wanna.” Via YouTube

As Monk’s owner approaches him and reminds him that it’s bath time, he pretty much screams bloody murder like a child would. Next comes the showy collapse onto the floor, and he might as well cover his forehead with his paw turned outward like a damsel passing out in a ’50s movie.

But I like myself the way I am, grime and all! Via YouTube

“But I like myself the way I am, grime and all!” Via YouTube

His owner tries to physically lift him up, but he rolls over and scoots out of her grasp, only to do a lap around the tiny bathroom, as if a new way to exit may magically appear.

At this point, his owner has run out of patience, and she keeps telling him that he needs a bath because he stinks and he’s dirty. A few more screams, hollers and one more lap around the toilet, and Monk ends right where he started. His owner is no closer to getting him clean, and at the end she says she goes through the same routine every time Monk needs a bath.

Moms (of humans or pets) — they’re basically angels, and this is proof.

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