Husband Completely Freaks Out Over Wife’s New Pet Snake

The wife tried to convince her husband not to be afraid of her ball python, but the man just can't do it.

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This man doesn’t care for the snake on his neck. At. All.
John Virata

Some folks have a phobia of snakes… and then there’s this guy, whose wife just brought home a baby ball python

In a YouTube video posted by “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” the wife attempts to introduce her husband to the new pet, and while it appears the man wants to overcome his fear of snakes, it doesn’t exactly go very well.

The video starts out seemingly innocent enough, with the wife holding the snake in front of her husband, but then she goes to place the reptile on his neck.

“Wait wait wait, wait a minute! I gotta psyche myself,” the man screams out in the YouTube video.

The man then takes a deep breath, and after a few more attempts, his wife finally places the ball python around his neck. The look on his face is more of bewilderment than fear, with his nostrils flaring as he takes in the fact that the ball python (Python regius) — probably the most popular pet snake in the United States — is on his neck.

After just a few seconds the man wants it off again.

“Get the snake, get her, come on now, get her!” the man screams as his wife laughs at his uncomfortable position. “Get the snake. Get the snake!”

The man’s wife eventually removes the snake as he ducks underneath and away from the ball python — most of which, by the way, have a very calm demeanor. Not sure we can say the same for the man.

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