Hurricane Irene: Prepare Your Pets

With multiple states declaring a state of emergency, we offer these important preparedness reminders for you and your pets.

With Hurricane Irene’s approach to East Coast states, it is important to include pets in your disaster-preparedness plans.

Items to have on hand and take with you in case of emergency or evacuation:

  • At least a three-day supply of food, water

  • Any medication your pet takes

  • A few of your pet’s favorite toys

  • Have a photo of your pet, in case it gets lost

  • Leashes, collars, and muzzles, if necessary

  • Pet carrier or crate

  • Animal first-aid-kit

  • Copies of your pet’s vaccinations

  • Have a list of places where you can evacuate with your pet (relatives, pet friendly hotels, shelters, etc.)

Be sure your dog is wearing a secure collar with tags. If your regular tags have your home phone number on them, make sure to make an additional tag with a cell-phone number or place where you can be reached in case of evacuation.

If you must evacuate, take your pets with you. Most Red Cross shelters do not allow pets. If you are unable to bring your pets to a shelter with you, have a plan on where to send them. Some states such as Maryland have a Pet Sheltering Plan, which will activate when mass care evacuation centers open. National animal organizations such as VCA or ASPCA have also assisted in times of disaster. If you need to locate a shelter for your cat or dog during an emergency or disaster, listen to the radio/TV for instructions from local authorities, or contact the county emergency operations center for the location of a pet-friendly human shelter or other pet shelter for your pet.

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