Hungry, Skinny Dog May Have Parasite

Underweight dogs with big appetites should be taken to a vet to check for internal parasites.

Q. We have three Kelpie-Border Collie mixes. We feed them once a day, but two of them wolf it down without seeming to chew it. Max is 1 and Sam is 3. They both seem really skinny to me and you can easily see Max’s ribs. It’s a bit harder with Sam as he has longer fur. The other dog, Jess, is more robust since she had pups; Max is from her litter. But before that she was the same way, but has always eaten more slowly. Is there something more we should be worried about?

A. Skinny dogs who eat a lot are usually sharing their food – with an intestinal parasite. I would have your dogs checked for parasites such as roundworms, pinworms or tapeworms as soon as you can. Your veterinarian will check a fecal sample under the microscope, and prescribe appropriate medication.

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