A Team Of Humans Built A Fort For One Lucky Cat… And It’s Awesome

BuzzFeed staffers took some time out of their work day to create a massive and very impressive cat fort.

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That is one incredible Cat-stle!
Chrissa Hardy

Just like every queen deserves a castle of her own, every cat deserves a giant fort, right?

In a video uploaded to YouTube by BuzzFeedVideo, the BuzzFeed team gathers to build the world’s greatest cat fort for a cat named Jenkins. And you know what? They certainly did it.

Jenkins’ owner, Jack, is eager to give his beloved cat an awesome upgrade of his cat fort.

“Jenkins gives and gives and gives, and a cat with a heart that big deserves a home to match,” Jack says in the video.

Jenkins also loves cardboard, so the fort design they came up with, using mostly cardboard boxes, is about to be a big hit with Jenkins.

It takes a village to build a cat fort. Via BuzzFeedVideo/YouTube

It takes a village to build a cat fort. Via BuzzFeedVideo/YouTube

And it’s not just several empty boxes slapped together. Oh no. Jack incorporates design elements to make it look like an actual castle.

Annnnnnd JEALOUS. Via YouTube

Annnnnnd JEALOUS. Via BuzzFeedVideo/YouTube

In the end, the fort Jack and his team makes for Jenkins is nothing short of extraordinary, right down to the giant skull entryway.

Jenkins, you’re one lucky cat.

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