Humane Society Encourages Seniors to Adopt Cats

The new adoption program, “A Senior for a Senior,” places adult cats with senior citizens.

Residents of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, age 60 and older can adopt an adult cat for free, thanks to a new adoption program at the Edmonton Humane Society. The program, called “A Senior for a Senior,” waives the $110 adoption fee when an older pet owner adopts a cat over the age of 6 years old, the Edmonton Journal reports.

The humane society developed the program in part to find homes for older cats, which may spend more time in the shelter before being adopted, said Diane Shannon, Edmonton Humane Society spokeswoman. “When an older cat is surrendered and confined to a kennel, typically they stay there a lot longer because most people are looking for a kitten or younger cat they can spend the cat’s whole life with.”

Response to the new program has been positive so far. “My own cat is 9 years old, and I don’t think she’s old,” said Meg Hunter, a 95-year-old volunteer at the humane society. “I couldn’t live without that cat.”

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