Human Child Eats Cat Child’s Ice Cream And Now Mom’s Mad

Sibling rivalries erupt in a cat-kid-human-kid family.

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Everyone in the house wants ice cream. Via Jenny Katz/Twitter

When kids fight in the house, everything is chaotic and tempers rise and then you don’t get your nightly ice cream.

A text message thread between a mom and daughter talking about their cat’s ice cream went viral on Twitter recently. Human kid Jenny Katz of Burbank, California, posted the exchange with the title: “Is this a real conversation.”

The kids made up. Via Jenny Katz/Buzzfeed

The kids made up. Via Jenny Katz/Buzzfeed

In an interview with BuzzFeed News, Katz said 17-year-old Coco gets “treated like royalty” by her family, and, in particular, by her mom. Katz’s mom has given Coco vanilla ice cream during a “nightly routine” for the past year. (Side note: Some cats are lactose intolerant so dairy might not be a good treat for your cat.)

“Who ate Coco’s vanilla ice cream?” her mom texts her. “LOL Me,” Katz replies. When her mom hears this, she responds with “…sad…” It gets more emotional from there.

Coco, either bummed out or just tired. Via Jenny Katz/Twitter

Coco, either bummed out or just tired. Via Jenny Katz/Twitter

When Coco didn’t get the sweet treat, Katz’s mom sent a picture of the kitty with the caption, “Where’s my French vanilla?” Coco looks mildly upset, or maybe she’s just sleepy.

Despite the ice cream issue, everyone in the house is back to normal. Katz says the social media takeoff of their text conversation has brought them closer together.

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