Hug Your Dog Today!

Eric Stonestreet invites dog owners across the country to participate in the first-ever Beneful Baked Delights Hug Your Dog Day.

It’s no secret that American’s love their dogs, and now Beneful is reminding people of one of the original and easiest ways to show our affection toward our four-legged friends: a good, old-fashioned hug.

Hug Your Dog Day Details

Dog lovers can participate in Beneful Baked Delights Hug Your Dog Day today, April 10, by sharing a hug in any of the following ways in order to contribute to the overall hug count for the day:

• Snap a photo of you hugging your dog and upload it to the Beneful Facebook page
• Post a hug-themed caption on the Beneful Facebook page and share the doggie “hug” emoticon ,’:0) with your friends
• Tweet using the Beneful Hug Your Dog Day Facebook application
• Update your Facebook status to share the news with your friends
• Share a “hug” via foursquare, Instagram and/or Twitter

Eric Stonestreet, dog lover and Emmy Award-winning actor on the hit TV show “Modern Family,” and his 12-year-old rescue dog Coleman Hawkins, share the first official hug in this video.


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