How Well Do You Know Your Rare Breeds?

Take this quiz and find out if you're rare-breed judge material.

1. You are judging the Northern group at a UKC show and are presented with a dog whose standard states it “may not be penalized for dog aggression.” What breed are you judging?
2. Which international organization offers a Group solely for Dachshunds?
3. The FCI recognizes both the long-haired variety of Weimaraner and the wire-coated Vizsla. Does Canada?
4. What medium-sized Scenthound recently became the FCI’s newest recognized breed?
5. Both the Norwegian Elkhound and Norwegian Buhund can be black in color. Are they considered separate varieties?
6. Which country oversees recognition of the Greenland Dog?
7. What is another name for the Portuguese Warren Hound? How many coat types do you see in this breed? How many size variations?
8. You are brought a white Miniature Schnauzer at a UKC show. The owner tells you the dog was imported from Germany. What do you do?
9. Which short-legged Scenthound must show white markings on all four sides of the dog?
10. The AKC considers it a Herding dog; the CKC puts it in the Working Group. UKC disagrees, saying it is a Sighthound, and the FCI designates it a Spitz type. What breed is it?
11. In which breed do brown pads on the feet disqualify?
12. European judges count this breed’s toes, spread the front legs opposite, and may tip the dog’s head to touch its back. What breed are they judging?

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