How We Relate

Insights into ways humans bond with cats.


Today, very few people doubt that we bond with our cats. But there are still questions: How do we bond? Who bonds more? And, what exactly is the feline-human bond?

Many studies have been done, and all have come to important conclusions. One found that the level of a person’s attachment to his or her pets is related to the pet’s behavior and the “fit” between the owner and the pet. Another study showed that the person who had the greatest daily involvement with the cat was the most highly attached to the cat and that owners’ affection for their cat was related to their perception of their cat’s affection for them.

Another study discovered two factors that lead to high levels of attachment to cats: being single and never married; and being the main person who takes care of the cat.

A new study recently discovered that couples with pets get along better than couples without pets. In the study of people caring for feral cats, researchers found that not all feeders were doing so out of sheer altruism; the experience of taking care of the feral cats provided the caregivers the opportunity to nurture and form attachments to them.

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