How To Train Your Rabbit

Be amazed at what your rabbit can do when you invest some training time with it.

opening pages to article: How To Train Your RabbitMost rabbit enthusiasts enjoy the adorable antics of their furry friend, but few have tapped into their rabbit’s full potential. Rabbits are learning machines; with the right instruction they can learn to present a vast array of behaviors. Positive reinforcement training is the ideal tool for training rabbits. It is based in kind and gentle methods that teach your pet learning is fun. Furthermore, because it focuses on trust-building approaches, it greatly enhances the relationship between you and your rabbit. You aren’t just training cute tricks; you are bonding with your bunny. 

Positive Reinforcement
Reinforcement means to increase behavior. This means trying to get a behavior to happen more frequently. An example of a behavior you may want to happen often is for your rabbit to climb into your lap or run over to see you when you call its name.

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