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How To Tell If You’re A Dog Parent Or A Dog Lover In 6 Easy Steps

If the answer’s not found in these steps, then it may be found in your social media accounts.

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Go ahead and check your Instagram to see if you're a dog lover or a dog parent. We'll wait. Via Kelly Angel/BarkPost
Cari Jorgensen

Have you ever wondered if you’re a dog parent or a dog lover? Do you scroll through Petcha’s newsfeed looking for cute dog videos? Or do you read every article on dog health to get as much info as possible? If you still don’t know which category you fall into, don’t fret. Artist Kelly Angel created spot-on depictions of dog parents and dog lovers for BarkPost to help you. Finding out if you’re a dog parent or dog lover can be accomplished in six easy steps.

Step 1: Check your reaction to movies in which a dog dies.

If you and your dog are both sobbing so much you’ve turned off the film, you’re a dog parent.

Step 2: Think about how you respond when you see a stranger with their dog.

Only remarking on how cute the pup is and going about your day is proof you’re a dog lover.

Step 3: When you get to bed at night, note if you’re just tucking yourself in or your dog, too.

If you’ve bought your dog his very own pillow (and still let him share yours), you’re a dog parent.

Step 4: Now that you (and possibly your dog) are tucked in, think about your sleep schedule.

Getting eight hours of glorious uninterrupted sleep is a strong indicator you’re a dog lover.

Step 5: Answer this question: Do you love all dogs the same, or is yours better than any other dog in the whole wide world?

Did you answer “Mine is better than any other dog in the whole wide world”? Then you’re a dog parent.

Step 6: Take a look at your list of vacay must-haves. Does that list include your dog’s must-haves, too?

If your vacation research does not involve searching for dog friendly destinations, you’re a dog lover.

Still unsure? Check your social media accounts. Are they full of photos of your dog? If you answered yes, you’re a dog parent (and you must share it with us on Facebook or Instagram). If you answered no, you’re a dog lover.

So… which category do you fall into?

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