How To Make A Ferruppet

A ferruppet is a ferret puppet, and you can make one in a few easy steps!

For this project you need the following items:
• Scissors
• Tape
• Card stock (heavy paper) or photo paper
• Coloring markers or crayons
• A medium-tip felt marking pen or computer with drawing software
A paper hole puncher
Several ½-inch, brass paper fasteners
Tracing paper or carbon paper for tracing (optional)

To start, you will need a picture or a printout of the drawing you want to make into a ferruppet. If it is a photo, you will need to trace it so that you have a simple black and white outline drawing.  You can also do this on a computer by scanning in the photo and tracing the outlines. (Click images to enlarge and see entire image.) 

Once you have your black and white line drawing, you will use your scissors to cut the arms and legs (also knees and elbows if you want extra movement in your puppet.) (Click images to enlarge and see entire image.)

Next, you can add by taping, little caps on the cut off parts. These will be needed to cross under the top pieces so they can be latched together later. After adding the caps, you can re-draw or trace the individual pieces. This can also be done in drawing software on your computer. (Click images to enlarge and see entire image.)

With a pen, draw little circles that will be punched out and used to fasten the ferruppet together. (Click image to enlarge and see entire image.)

You now have your basic ferruppet. These can be printed out like this and given out to participants at a ferret event for a coloring contest, for a child’s school activity and more. You can also color them in the computer software then print them out. After coloring, carefully cut out all the pieces. Using a punch, punch out all the circles on all the pieces. (Click image to enlarge and to see entire image.)

Using ½-inch brass paper fasteners, join the feet to the thighs, and the thighs to the body. Then attach the arms to the body. Your ferruppet is now finished. You can attach a string at the top of the head and hang it in a window or on a wall. They can also be used in the ribbon on a gift package. (Click image to enlarge and to see entire image.)

To use the ferruppet as a Thai shadow puppet, simply attach some long skewers on the back of the ferruppet at the joints. Hang a straight, thin curtain in front of the ferruppet and use a light behind so that its shadow is cast onto the curtain and can be seen from the other side. Some of the color will show through. To avoid this, cut out the ferruppet from a dark thick paper or fill with black if using drawing software. (Click image to enlarge and to see entire image.)

Deva Kolb is a ferret enthusiast who loves to draw their continually changing poses. The humor of ferrets inspires her to draw and create crafts.

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