How To: Make a Cat-Proof Christmas Tree

Cole and Marmalade have a new video on how to build a Christmas tree just for cats.

Cole and Marmalade (along with their human Chris Poole) are forever bringing us the lowdown on ways to please our feline friends; but this how-to may just take the cake (the catnip?) as our favorite! The topic: the creation of a cat-proof Christmas tree!

We all know that our cats see the tree as an irresistible temptation, what with the brilliant baubles, realistic branches, and glittering lights; but this cardboard construction is bound to please them just as much. Bonus: it’s 100% cat-proof, a cinch to build, and doubles as kitschy holiday décor!

The necessary ingredients? Cardboard boxes, tape, Christmas-themed wrapping paper, toilet paper, cat toy decorations, and catnip (because what is Christmas without catnip?).

Watch Chris put the entire tree together above, then keep your eyes peeled for the purrfectly priceless reactions from Cole and Marmalade.

We’re dreaming of a cardboard Christmas (tree). How about you? Will you be constructing this brilliant holiday-themed playplace for your kitties?

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