How to Let Your Dog be a Dog

Dogs are animals, with needs that were created by Nature long ago.

Cesar MillanMany clients I work with are surprised to learn that dogs don’t need love and affection to lead healthy, balanced lives. Why do my smart, educated clients make this mistake? Because they forget that dogs are animals, with animal needs set by Nature long before humans got involved.

What dogs really need is a calm, assertive pack leader not birthday parties, cute outfits or constant affection. Since most dogs are born into the follower role that means your dog is looking to you to provide the calm, assertive leadership that he’s hard-wired to seek.

But humans often develop a different plan for our dogs. We want to make them our babies or our family. When people see a nervous or shy dog they see it as human and console it like they would another human.

In the animal world this nurtures instability, something a pack leader would never do.

Most dogs that live in this country have shelter, food, and lots of love. These are the dogs that often become unstable because they’re not working for food and water. These dogs yearn for a pack leader to allow them to feel balanced and connected.

Wanted: Leadership
You know the best gift you can give to your dog? Let your dog be a dog, and become his calm, assertive, consistent leader.

Simply put, fulfill him before you fulfill yourself. Establish yourself as his pack leader and watch him blossom in the submissive role that Nature had written for him long ago.

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Cesar and his pack
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Note: Cesar Millan is a professional. Please consult a qualified trainer before attempting these techniques with your dog.

For more information, visit Cesar Millans Dog Psychology Center where the express purpose is to rehabilitate and maintain a dogs natural state of being.

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