How To Know If A Ferret Is Getting Enough Sleep

Do all ferrets need to go into the dead sleep stage in order to get enough sleep?

Q: Is it normal for my ferrets to never be in that “dead sleep” stage? I want to make sure they’re getting the rest they need.

A: That’s a good question. It is not unusual for pets, especially ferrets, to have different sleep patterns that are unique to that particular animal, the same as it is in people. And the amount of sleep and the deepness of sleep may change over the life of the ferret.

If a ferret were actually not sleeping enough, you would see a change in your ferret’s behavior during the day. Your ferret might sleep more, might seem tired or might be lethargic. Of course, when we see a ferret that appears tired during the day, the first thing we consider is insulinoma disease but giving your veterinarian a detailed history might help your veterinarian determine if this is a problem with sleep or a metabolic disease like insulinoma.

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