How To Get Involved With A Parrot Foster & Adoption Organization

If you want to help parrots, making friends and volunteering your skills are some of the best ways to do it.

So, you?e decided that you want to help parrots in transition find good homes. That is awesome! Hopefully, you?e done your research and have found a great organization to work with in your area. (If you want some tips on how to do that, click here.)

Now that you are ready to roll up your sleeves, what can you best do to help? Here are some thoughts!

Make Friends
The number one most important thing you can do is make friends at the organization. Even if you often prefer the company animals to people, trust me. There are some upsides to having a few human friends as well. One person can only do some much to help parrots, but a group of people working together can do an exponential amount of good. More than that, people need people.

Helping parrots in transition can be very hard on us emotionally. It isn? just meeting birds in horrible situations (which is actually not the most common scenario). For me, it is absolutely crushing to have to re-home a parrot that is beloved and the family is in an unexpected crisis. I can? help but imagine myself with a terminal illness or with a horrible turn of financial fortune. I have cried as much for people as I have for birds. And this is when making friends with other volunteers helps. Being able to share heartache, frustration and sorrow lessens the hurt. And being able to share happy moments and triumphs doubles the joy.

Take Classes
Expect to take classes. A foster and adoption organization should expect that everyone takes a class on the basics before they are allowed to bring a parrot in the organization? care into their home. More than this, continuing education is equally important. There is never too much learning! And if you get to a place where you can teach some of these classes, that is an even bigger bonus. There is no better way to really understand what you have learned than to teach others.

Go To Meetings
I cringe a bit writing this, because I notoriously miss meetings at the organization where I volunteer. But, go to meetings! This is where you build friendships, learn from one another? experiences and bolster each other? determination to help parrots. It is also where you find out what your organization is up to and have the opportunity to help brainstorm the future.

Bring Your Mad “Skillz?lt;/strong>
It takes a lot more than just giving a parrot a temporary landing place or helping to clean cages to keep a foster and adoption organization running. Think through your resume and consider what skills could be most helpful. Many organizations need a carpenter, a painter, a landscaper, an accountant, a writer or a person with superb management skills. You think herding cats is hard? Try herding a bunch of parrot people! Bring your skills to the table and be imaginative about how your strengths could help the organization. You will be easing the work burden while completing tasks that you enjoy and excel at doing.

Help Fundraise
As a former fundraising professional, I can? emphasize enough how important helping to raise money is. There isn? a single nonprofit organization in this country that couldn? use more funds to do their work. And fundraising doesn? necessarily mean asking everyone you meet for money. It can be as simple as passionately explaining the work your organization does to anyone who demonstrates interest. It can also mean being on the lookout for items that business might donate that could be helpful to the parrots. Of course, if you have a rich uncle you can ask to make a donation, I? sure no one would complain about that either.

Opening up your home to share with a foster parrot is, of course, a wonderful way to help many parrot assistance organizations. Most organizations are at their capacity for taking in birds and have to turn parrots away all of the time. However, there are so many other ways that you can help. So get out there and get started!

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