How to Drive Your Kitty Wild

Cat lover and CAT FANCY Consumer Marketing Manager Suzanne Stowe shares her secrets on how to make a catnip pad for your cat.

About 15 years ago, I went to a cat show and saw a cat pad filled with catnip. I checked it out and decided I could make it and maybe even improve on the product. That was the moment that “Designs by Suzanne” was born. My first product was the Catnip Cat Pad.

The pads are easy to make and have delighted every kitty that has received one. To make them, you need a sewing machine, Velcro, fabric, polyester fiberfill and some high-quality catnip.

Step-by-step instructions:

1. Buy ½ yard of fabric for each pad. I prefer a snuggle flannel but a cotton print will work too.
2. Buy ¼ yard of polyester fiberfill. I use 6 ounces.
3. Unfold the fabric and sew a 6-inch strip of Velcro on each side of the fold on the right side.
4. Attach the two sides of the Velcro together.
5. Place a piece of fiberfill the same size as the folded fabric on the bottom reverse side.
6. Stitch the fabric and fiberfill together from the bottom of the Velcro all around the pad.
7. Trim the seams to ¼ inch.
8. Turn right-side out and poke out the corners.
9. Press your pad to remove any wrinkles.
10. Open up the Velcro closure and add about ½ cup of catnip. Reseal the Velcro.
11. Put the finished pad on the floor or couch and watch your cat go crazy.

Most cats love to roll around on their pads, rabbit punch them and then fall asleep on them. If you leave it in one place on the floor, when you get home from work, the pad will be wadded up, moved, or will have a cat sleeping (or two) on it.

I sell the pads at holiday boutiques and they make excellent gifts for your cat-loving friends. The size will fit nicely in most cat carriers. I always use a washable fabric so if kitty has an accident on the pad or drools on it, I can shake out the catnip and throw it in the washer and dryer. I have friends who have thrown them in the washer with the catnip still in it. After about six months, add a little fresh catnip to recharge the pad.

As you can see from the attached pictures, my pads are all cat tested and approved. I have an arsenal of three product testers who check out every pad before it is sold or given away.

CAUTION: If you have more than one cat, you should probably make a pad for each cat to avoid conflict!






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