How To Deal With The Loss Of A Parrot

If a parrot passes, either yours or a friend's, here's ways to help honor your bird's memory and cope with grief.

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I?e noticed lately that many of my friends on Facebook are finding themselves in the difficult position of saying goodbye to a beloved parrot. Perhaps I? more attuned to noticing these losses because I recently lost a feathered friend myself. Or perhaps it that so many of us have come to embrace online friendships built on mutual our love for parrots. And friendship means sharing the ups and the downs of our common passions. So what can we do to help one another through these losses? Here are some thoughts.

Why Parrot People Need People
Whether you have suffered the loss of a beloved parrot or one of your friends has, we all sometimes find ourselves needing to reach out and find comfort from someone else who understands. If a friend on social media reaches out by announcing that he or she has lost a parrot, now is the time to show solidarity. Don? ask for details of what happened or pry for information. A simple “I? sorry for your loss?or “I? keeping you in my thoughts?will do.

If someone you know personally is dealing with the death of parrot, then let her know that if she needs you for anything that you are there for her. It might be hard for other family and friends who don? have parrots to understand what a blow the loss can be. Sometimes, we even feel guilty for the death of grief over “just a bird.?You and I know though, that it? not “just a bird.?Do not pester your friend if she doesn? want to talk, but make sure your friend knows you are there when and if it? time to talk.

How To Honoring A Late Parrot
There are a lot of ways we can all honor our own parrots when they pass. I have footprint casts and urns of my pets that are now “over the rainbow bridge.?I also have a tattoo honoring two of my favorite avian companions, one of whom is still bringing me great joy. (Let? not forget to celebrate the companions who are still with us!) One of my favorite ways of honoring amazing animal friends however, is through donations in their honor.

Consider donating, even if just a small amount, to a local parrot rescue, a parrot conservation program or other research program in their name. Give some thought to what was most meaningful to your friend and her relationship with her parrot and then give in her parrot? name.

There are too many possibilities to list, but as an example, check out the parrot-focused research at UC Davis in California. Your gift could help researchers study cancer in birds and the possibilities of healthier living through fitness and foraging. Perhaps the parrot was initially a foster parrot and you can donate to the rescue organization that helped it find its forever home.

If you don? have much money, a gift of food and toys to a local rescue can make a difference as well. What better way to honor a parrot who was so deeply loved and had a wonderful life than helping other parrots who are struggling?

Most of all though, help each other. These have been hard years for so many and if we don? help each other, then who will be able to help the parrots?

What have you done to honor your friends?and your own parrots?lives?

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